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Whipping horses in a race to be banned

Emirates Melbourne Cup

Following last years’ tragedy in the Emirates Melbourne Cup where race favorite Admire Rakti died in the event as well as yet another incidence where Araldo also met a fierce accident at the stalls after he broke his leg, the event has portrayed some divisions based on nations.

Nonetheless, little has been done following these tragedies in the event. This leaves one wondering if really the welfare of the participating horses is being considered at all. Only when Araldo broke his limp that the Victoria Racing Club came out in eradicating the use of flags in the subsequent days of the 2014 showdown. However, the flags are back on the spotlight despite being banned a year ago.

Nonetheless, there has been a review on the cramming that accrues once the horses are leaving the course after a race along the horse walk. This means that the horses will initially go direct to their respective docks rather than waiting for the race winner.

Some horse welfare advocates are not yet contented with this and are now back advocating for the use of whip by a jockey. The Racing Australia has claimed that there are new stipulated rules that have been initiated. Under the rules, a jockey is only supposed to whip his horse on five occasion on the 100 meter mark. Using the whip on the sequential strides as long as backhand strikes have been eradicated. The rules will come to effect by December.

The delay has made Coalition for the Protection of Racehorse member Elio Celotto to raise a concern on the pure eradication of the whip. He claims that money has made man mad such that a jockey as well as the owner will tend to push the horse to its limit in attempt to cash in the winnings. He believes this is uncouth to the animal and Australia should follow the footsteps of Norway which has eradicated the whipping since 1982.

He concludes to say that without a whip, a jockey will use his experience of hands and heels in motivating his horse to win the race. Furthermore, a horse will win a race due to its professionalism rather than not running due to fear inflicted by the jockey.

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