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Unlawful betting dens in China put on check

betting dens china

China has decided to eradicate all illegal online betting with the exemption of state-sponsored lotteries. The law enforcement agency claimed that it had mad about 98 arrests on illegal betting crimes. The latest arrest by these authorities claimed that it had acquired over $79 billion from these illegal dens during the bust.

The actions were undertaken barely months after the betting control board in the South China declared 12 betting dens illegal in the Hunan and Guangdong provinces. This was reported by the Xinhua news. The police have been conducting these raids out of public knowledge and the news only came public after Ministry of public Security came out.

Those into custody faces charges on incorporation of stylish illegal betting dens which have been claimed to be over 500 online casinos with clients believed to have surpassed one million. These sites have incorporated a new way of running illegally with a cover email, financial systems or works that asks for log-ins being the distinguishing factor for the betting sites. There is the control server that is run outside Taiwan and includes customer service staff that speaks both Putonghua and Cantonese based in Philippines, Thailand and Hong Kong.

Since the early 1940s, gambling has been illegal in the Chinese mainland. As we stand, the state claimed that it has only allowed the state-sponsored lotteries as the only form of betting sites that a client can play in. china has been deemed as the leading market when it comes to internet users due to the fact that the nation boosts the world largest internet server users. Since betting has been illegal for long in China, the law enforcement authorities are tasked with conducting planned busts on the illegal dens from time to time. The past bust came at time when Chinese President Xi Jinping was ushered into power in 2013.

There has been continued investigation following the arrest of over 15,000 people last August for crimes related to endangering Internet security. At the same time, websites were barred from advertising pornography, gambling as well as explosives and fire arms. The continuity of the investigation is deemed to bring out more offenders as well as more channels of illegal betting.

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