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Sheffield Wednesday & Titanbet strikes a deal

Titanbet Sheffield Wednesday

English championship side Sheffield Wednesday has acquired a sponsorship deal on its West Stand from Titanbet UK in the full season of 2015/16 football championship. Not long ago, the team has been on the spotlight to various sponsors and Titanbet UK has been the top bidder who have acquired the sponsorship to the club with the aim of improving its football quality so that it can at least earn a promotion sport to the Premier League.

This weekend formed the unveiling sponsorship deal between the two parties following a long international break. Moreover, Titanbet UK claimed that it would initiate the deal and make it a long lasting for Sheffield United commonly referred to as Owls in a near future.

This deal stipulates that will have full access to the stadium and will use it as a platform for its adverts which includes anall-inclusiveset of marketing and branding rights especially on the West Stand, along all digital platforms of the club. The TV platform will form the basic advert module which will be incorporated with a match program, a huge screen along the concourses.

The UK Sports Book Manager of Titanbet Russell Yershon while commenting on the deal claimed that he was happy as the leader of Titanbet to join hands with Sheffield Wednesday, a club that has a vast heritage, tradition as well as Premier League fan base. He added that it is his duty to incorporate Sheffield Wednesday fans and award them with amazing markets in football where they can win substantial amount. He concluded that they will and more excitement to the club players and staff in attempt to boost their already four recorded wins and it will be an honor to be the main sponsors of the West Stand at Sheffield Wednesday stadium.

On the other hand, Paul Bell who is the Chief Operator at Sheffield Wednesday claimed that it has been very clear that has done all it takes to award Sheffield Wednesday fans with enticing odds that would make everyone a winner. This would bring confident and amusement to Owls fans for the remainder of the season.

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