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Ringit! Mobile App brings real-time sports prediction

ringit mobile sports prediction app

Every new enticing app introduced in the market will have a greater impact. More often than not the new incorporation gets a positive remark from its clients. However, this heavily depends on the manufacturing company. Some companies are better than others in terms of products and services offered.

IPro Inc a renowned specialist in mobile sports gaming technology is an example of prominent firms that have top class products. The company has of late initiated the Ringit! Mobile app. The new app is deemed to be the game changer in players playing experience. This app is crucial to gamblers as it comes hand in hand with play by play sports predictions which come along with dynamic odds.

iPro Inc is a firm that is based in the US and was founded by its ex IGT executive Robert Melendres. The initiation of the new app is claimed to be the head in terms of real-time energetic sports assignation. This new inclusion in gaming platform has the ability of offering its client over 15,000 pick chances in each NFL game. The picks of these games will comprise lively alternating odds which will heavily rely on the players in the field, team’s tendencies as well as the status of the game.

The iPro Inc team claimed that it is investing heavily in the US as its markets have provided a vast reach to its clients. Moreover, it is in the US that the highest number of fantasy sports gamers with a number believed to be 40 million is evident. The Ringit app will incorporate this advantage as it tries to expand its markets and growth.

During its initiation, the founder and CEO of iPro Inc Robert Melendres claimed that the new platform of play by play, real time predictions accompanied by lively odds have pleased him to a greater extent. It is modeled to offer its clients with fantasy, social and sports betting gameplay which has the capability of changing its modes spontaneously depending on client’s location. He claimed this was one of a kind innovation that gives US citizens real time interactive predictions which would in turn bring greater achievements.

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