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In Play Golf betting deemed to increase revenue

In Play Golf betting

With Masters Golf Tournament set to begin soon, the PGA has eyed increased revenues from in-pay golf betting. In essences, the PGA is planning to have an increased annual income to a figure more than $2.8 billion it generates. Thus, the association has asked several betting companies to table their bids in attempt to tap the revenues. William Hill and Ladbrokes are the key firms that may stream live action feeds.

No deal has been struck yet according to the PGA Tour spokesman Ty Votaw who claimed that when their programs are in progress, it is difficult to give out the final judgment. Live bet will be accompanied by efforts by the PGA to increase the television rating which has been on drastic decline. This was echoed by the President of LHB Sports Entertainment & Media, Lee Burke who said that in-play betting would attract more viewers to television in keeping updates on their bets.

The popularity decline is a problem that must be put into consideration with many audience claiming that golf is a ‘gentleman’s game’ where men dominate the event. A decline of popular golfers such as Tiger Woods has declined the number of viewers.

Golf betting has been deemed boring as punters have to wait for few days before the outcome of the tournament. However, incorporating live betting in golf would give bettors something to be joyful of as every tee or shot is considered and awarded different odds. This may bring the audience close so that they can be updated on their bets.

The key agenda in successful live golf betting is having a live data streaming. The PGA Tour must incorporate one outstanding data company that will always stream every action in progress. In the end, it will come to the conscience that live betting will make betting be conversant with PGA Tour for income generation as well as increasing viewers. Incorporation of the risk assessment will be crucial for the PGA to embrace sports betting.

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