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New York AG adds yahoo to DFS industry inquiry

Yahoo fantasy sports

The new Attorney General, Eric Schneidermann man has blamed the digital media owner of Yahoo Inc. in the alleged Daily Fantasy Sports investigations. The Yahoo’s DFS operation has been commanded to cease operation immediately in New York as channeled by the US sources. A fantasy sports product which had once again been premiered by the yahoo’s media owner, will be part of the investigations been carried out by the Attorney General.

This will be used as proof whether the DFS services goes against the law of US sports and online sports gambling. In spite all of these claims, the Yahoo fantasy sports has been able to establish itself as one of the most important operator in the FanDuel and DraftKings market front runners.

The Attorney General, however, is very adamant and is advocating for an overall prohibition on all DFS producers which are reaching out to New York. The prohibition been issued will be a very big surprise for the Fantasy sports association, that has been aiming to promote younger spectators and work on expanding its products as its crucial forthcoming company development. Yahoo Inc. has also come out to defend itself, stating that it has been offering legitimate services. It however did not make any further comments on the investigations been carried out on DFS industry. DFS operators were not very shaken; FanDuel also responded in a very harsh manner stating that the reason that the Attorney General was against the new fantasy game was because he was too hungry for press conferences.

The key payment processing partner in DFS, made the situation more challenging by stating that the DFS Company should abide to the Attorney general demands. New York is expected to be more impactful, even though, there was a major pull out from Nevada which caused a very big disappointment to the operators. The legal sports report has stated that New York gambling has been presented in other states as legal and has made several impacts in high-profile dealings between operators and its grants. Therefore, FanDuel and DraftKings will be very likely to win the investigations. In all these scandals, the players are the only losers, the New York players will also be affected by the gambler’s account-freezing Black Friday thus they are not guaranteed of their funds safety.

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