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Nevada Allow Casino Games In Summation To Poker


Soon Nevada May Allow Ordinated Online Casino Games In Summation To Online Poker As a result of last Fridays meeting there is a possibility that online casino games may be authorized in Nevada. This can only be so if Nevada gaming policy committee continues with the same exuberance it demonstrated during last Fridays meeting.

Although WSOP says that the market wasn’t commercially viable, the state already allows online poker. The pressure continues to be instilled to people as the policy committee heard that New Jersey online gambling revenues came by as a result of online casino games.

Michael Cohen who is ceaser`s senior vice president also commented by saying that online gaming also brings a lot of offline benefits. An example he gave was that of the bricks and mortar business. The online business has generated trade for these two businesses. He continued by saying that it was only after playing online games, that 41% of Total Rewards scheme was reached after re-activation by its members. Cohen added that online gaming brought a lot of younger players to the market. The young players find it more comfortable to play online than going to live casinos. The Nevada Gaming Control Board expended much of their meeting time hashing out to regulate esports betting.

Brian Sandoval ,who`s Nevada`s Governor had doubts about the Geo-location and age verification on regards to online gaming. His doubts were clearly driven away by Cohen’s and other witnesses that age and geo-location couldn’t pose any problem due to improved technology. New Jersey’s appalling tax revenues from online gaming cleared his doubts too. He concluded by directing the committee to dig deep into the issue and be ready to make legitimate decisions come next meeting which will be held in October.

888 and Treasure Island could join the market should casino games be authorized. 888 and Treasure Island could launch online poker rooms. They would share liquidity with WSOP Nevada which uses 88 softwares to operate its poker rooms. Though we`ve seen a lot of positivity in online gaming theres still may be some problems. Sheldon Adelson may oppose online casino gaming and highly expected neutrality from the American Gaming Association.

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