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Montverde Academy basketball coach behind bars

Montverde Academy

Robert Hines-Lewis was this Monday put into custody by the police after it was alleged that the already fired Montverde Academy assistant coach had failed to vacate the campus. He was taken to court and charged with resisting arrest as well as trespassing. He would later pay a bond of $6,000 at the Lake County jail for his release.

The arrest document claimed that V was accorded the home inside the campus as part of his contract and his firing on Monday would follow him in leaving the house immediately. Nonetheless, he refrain from the order and decided to stay in the campus which followed his arrest.

According to the Headmaster Kasey Kesselring, the policy of the school didn’t allow him to disclose any information regarding the reasons behind Hines-Lewis being fired but he insisted that Hines-Lewis was an assistance coach. Hines-Lewis was reluctant to leave the house despite the Lake County sheriff being called into action. This prompted to the charge of resisting arrest as it was alleged that Hines-Lewis struggled with the deputies and even yelled at them during the arrest. Nonetheless, the deputies were able to conquer him and corner him to the ground and was taken to custody.

This comes after the MVA Eagles scooped their third straight national championship trophy and oversaw one of their own, player D’Angelo Russell being selected in the NBA Draft this year to join Los Angeles Lakers.

Hines-Lewis was in the St. Patrick’s High School basketball team in Elizabeth, New Jersey that won the Championship in 2002. He later graduated in 2003. During his time at St. Patrick, he was under the management of Kevin Boyle the current MVA basketball Coach. The school is well known for nurturing young talents and has produced amazing talents such as Al Harrington who plays for NBA’s Indiana Pacers as well as center Samuel Dalembert of Philadelphia 76ers.

Hines-Lewis left St. Patrick from where he joined Arizona Western College, a two-year school in Yuma then to Hofstra University in Long Island, New York; and St. Francis College in Brooklyn Heights, New York where he graduated in May 2008.

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