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Kristof Fay appointed as the new CMO of Ladbrokes


After Ladbrokes chose Jim Mullen as its new CEO, it has gone a mile further in making extra changes in its management. The latest appointment involved the selection of Kristof Fahy who would be the new Chief Marketing Officer (CMO).

Before his appointment, Kristof was working for the Telegraph Media Group where he took charge for six months. His expertise in the betting industry played a bigger role in his appointment to the new stint having in mind that he once played the same role in the same position of the CMO for William Hill from 2010-2015.

Kristof will be the head in matters concerning brands as well as marketing activities involving Ladbroke retailers and digital divisions and will be submitting his results to Jim Mullen.

Moreover, news from Ladbroke also claimed that Kristof will be among the Executive Management team. In addition, the success of the anticipated merger between Coral and Ladbroke to form Ladbroke Coral Plc, he would be the overall Chief Marketing Officer.

Welcoming Kristof to their company, CEO Jim Mullen claimed that it is his (Kristof) knowledge in the industry and outstanding record that would help Ladbroke delivers accordingly as well as attracting more clients. Mullen claimed that his scheme of coming up with a huge recreation scale as well as bringing all the required resources together, one thing rung in his mind; having an experienced and outstanding professional to handle and run the section smoothly. He continued to claim that Kristof has all the above and will be the key man in making the dream to reality for the company as well as in the deliverance of prevailing targets as goals.

As the new CMO, Kristof claimed that he was pleased to be the trusted guy in the position and joining Ladbroke was so enticing. He continued to say that the firm has laid a strong foundation in their marketing scheme as well as the anticipated deal with Coral. Nonetheless, despite the competitive market being the man challenge in the industry, he promised to deliver accordingly and with Ladbroke’s team support, the firm would see to its objective.

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