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Betsson records amazing results in Q3


Good news has downed European sports betting operator Betsson AB after the firm recorded a substantial income in the Q3 of the current fiscal year. The firm saw its income rise by 24% to record at SEK 973 million (£75.5 million) as compared to SEK 782 million (£60.5 million) recorded at the same time of the year in 2014.

This indicates a strong impetus in the current financial year for Betsson which will be fundamental as it tries to develop its key metrics. The Operating revenue of Q3 rose by 26% to record at SEK 260 million (£20 million) where the heads at Betsson claimed to have a substantial margin of 26.8%.

The firm claimed that this radical increase can be attributed to the number of clients who have registered with the firm and engaged in various betting activities. Generally, the company recorded an 18% deposit increase to SEK 3237 million in comparison to SEK 2737 million of Q3 2014. This prompted a rise of turnovers by 36% to 5506 million (Q3 2014: SEK 4063 million).

The strong records of the Q3 has given Betsson heads a motive to surpass their set target for the full year as it stands, the firm has overseen a 21% increase in its revenue to SEK 2680 million (£2.08 billion) as compared to the 2014 revenue total of SEK 2220 million (£1.7 billion).

The firm also claimed to have a well developing European corporate growth which results from its business strategy on divided. It was during this time that Betsson accomplished the mission of acquiring Europe-Bet, a betting operator based in Georgia for $50 million (£31 million). This is a key step in its metric corporate where the firm is now ready to accord its clients with new brands of its products as well as services.

CEO Pontus Lindwall said that his firm has been in a position of designing new design experience from a critical analysis from internet data. This has resulted to a 19% increase in the organic operational development. It also oversaw a 9% increase in its product category in the competitive Nordic market. This he believed would be a huge boost for the firm in future.

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